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How To Build A List For Your Online Business, Network Marketing, MLM, Work From Home, Affiliate Business & Get Your Leads To Pay You To Prospect Them!!

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Hello, my name is George Dirlam and welcome.

If you are new to network marketing, multi level marketing (MLM) or a work from home opportunity, here are two really good tips.

  • Build “Your List” Before Building Your Network Marketing Company’s List
  • Do Not Promote Your Business Opportunity First!

Unless you want to be added to the network marketing list / mlm list of over 97% who fail.

Promoting the business opportunity is the most difficult sell. You must promote the opportunity on the back end to have long term success.. I will show you how.

I was able to get over 1200 people customers & distributors (also known as affiliate members) in a company I no longer promote due to constant compensation plan changes. I still get commissions from that company.

How I got over 1200 customers & affiliate membersClick Here

How did I get those customers? I promoted the products first. Learn how I got all those customers from the search engines and the “Huge” mistake I made before getting all those customers and affiliate members.

My best advice to home business entrepreneurs, home business entrepreneurs, and network marketing moms is to use our network marketing list funnel to generate your leads.

Do not buy leads online as many network marketing entrepreneurs have tried. The failure rate is very high. We have very target leads inside our system if you really want to purchase leads.

The below information will give you ways to generate leads for your online business, small business, home based business, work at home program or affiliate business.

Work from home leads

If you are very good on the phone I can direct you to very targeted leads you can purchase then call. These are not the kind of leads you buy online from a lead generation company. You will find them inside our system.

Work from home leads

The leads that you have purchased or may buy are sold over and over to other marketers, you are now competing with those people ( hundreds of people actually ) who bought the very same leads.

If you already purchased leads, try starting from the back of your list. Those people were more than likely called less as opposed to the people on the front of the list who were probably bombarded with people trying to sell them something.

Many work at home entrepreneurs will soon realize the error of buying sales leads after making some calls.

Question? Would you give your credit card information to a stranger who just called you and was trying to sell you something over the phone? Of course not, and neither would most people.

Most people know that the sale is not made on the first call. Then why would you buy work at home leads and try to make a sale on the first call to a person you never met?

I will show you a system that is set up so you can start generating leads for free. You can have the same system.

Click the video below about “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing”. Your marketing system has to be effective for you to have success. Your products won’t sell themselves, that is a lie.

Instead Of Paying Money For Leads, We Will Teach You How To Get People To Pay You To Prospect Them!

You will be shown how to generate leads with this system “for your business”.

Click The Video!

words from Ann seig youtube 2

An seigs youtube video 7 lies -2Click The Video

The online classes inside the system will provide you with directions on complete lead generation.

Many people spend a small fortune on work from home leads that produce very poor results. Talk to other entrepreneurs who have purchased work from home leads and you will find a common denominator – they wasted their money. BIGTIME!!

Think about this again! If a complete stranger called you on the phone trying to sell you something, would you buy from them?

Of course not! What if 10 other people called you that same day trying to sell you something? That is one of the main reasons buying leads from a lead generation company for your home based business is a complete waste of money and time!

Buying LeadsFor most home business entrepreneurs, throwing your money out of a window will save you money over buying leads from a lead generation company. How long will you continue to throw money out of a window? Not very long!

How long will you continue to buy worthless leads?

Some people continue to buy leads because they hope to find that “heavy hitter”, they think their sticktoitiveness will pay off, they are not quitters, when in fact it will cost them a small fortune. Quite often they keep throwing money out the window.

Working from home should be a pleasant experience but the sad truth for most people who purchase leads is debt, instead of making money from home.

Our online classes will point you in the right direction for getting free leads so you never have to buy leads again.

Google and other search engines is a great place to get free leads. Another great place to get free leads is through social networking sites.

Here is what I did years back using MySpace, when they were the 500 lb Gorilla of social sites. You can use the same method on Facebook or other social sites like Twitter.

I was taking some expensive online marketing classes to train people how to use the social networking sites for leads to build your business.

It became apparent to me that the person teaching the class had many students on his friends list who purchased the same online classes. I started making friends with these students through instant messaging.

I did not try to sell them anything.

Instead I showed them some online classes to learn online marketing to promote their business. Any tip I could give them to help “their business”.

To get to the point – a number of these student joined my home based business opportunity later . These entrepreneurs paid hundreds of dollars to take that same online marketing classes to use MySpace to generate leads as I did.

MySpace seems like a ghost town every time I log into their system now, but the same technique would work on Facebook.

These were excellent leads that could have cost $5.00 to $10.00 each. These leads didn’t cost a dime.

George Dirlam

George Dirlam
(775) 745-1998
Skype number – george.dirlam

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