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How did I find the keyword  - keyword research seo tool?

With the research tool this blog post is about.​

When writing a blog post in WordPress, Blogger or making a new webpage or website...start with your keywords.

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Yes I like using this tool for finding my keywords.

Some keyword tools charge you a high monthly fee, not this keyword tool.

How Can You Profit? By finding good words related to your business or product.

  • Get a few people using this research tool, and you will profit.
  • Make some sales online and you will profit

​I was promoting an anti inflammation product in the past with a work from home opportunity and made a bunch of pages about that product.

My first sale came from getting on page 1 of Yahoo for a vitamin that goes under your tongue.​

Then I made another webpage. As I was getting more sales, I started making pages on their top selling product.

More sales came in, sometimes I would generate  couple of hundred of dollars per week from these sales.

This was from a website I made working part-time from my home.​ Finding the words that are profitable to your business can easily pay for this very affordable marketing tool.

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keyword research seo tool

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Network Marketing Books

How To Build A List For Your Online Business, Network Marketing, MLM, Work From Home, Affiliate Business & Get Your Leads To Pay You To Prospect Them!!

Internet Network Marleting Leads

Hello, my name is George Dirlam and welcome.

If you are new to network marketing, multi level marketing (MLM) or a work from home opportunity, here are two really good tips.

  • Build “Your List” Before Building Your Network Marketing Company’s List
  • Do Not Promote Your Business Opportunity First!

Unless you want to be added to the network marketing list / mlm list of over 97% who fail.

Take advantage of this network marketing books free download you see to the right side

The red book is packed full of information you need to be aware of for network marketing.

Promoting the business opportunity is the most difficult sell. You must promote the opportunity on the back end to have long term success.. I will show you how.

I was able to get over 1200 people customers & distributors (also known as affiliate members) in a company I no longer promote due to constant compensation plan changes. I still get commissions from that company.

How I got over 1200 customers & affiliate membersClick Here

How did I get those customers? I promoted the products first. Learn how I got all those customers from the search engines and the “Huge” mistake I made before getting all those customers and affiliate members.

My best advice to home business entrepreneurs, home business entrepreneurs, and network marketing moms is to use our network marketing list funnel to generate your leads.

Do not buy leads online as many network marketing entrepreneurs have tried. The failure rate is very high. We have very target leads inside our system if you really want to purchase leads.

The below information will give you ways to generate leads for your online business, small business, home based business, work at home program or affiliate business.

Work from home leads

If you are very good on the phone I can direct you to very targeted leads you can purchase then call. These are not the kind of leads you buy online from a lead generation company. You will find them inside our system.

Work from home leads

The leads that you have purchased or may buy are sold over and over to other marketers, you are now competing with those people ( hundreds of people actually ) who bought the very same leads.

If you already purchased leads, try starting from the back of your list. Those people were more than likely called less as opposed to the people on the front of the list who were probably bombarded with people trying to sell them something.

Many work at home entrepreneurs will soon realize the error of buying sales leads after making some calls.

Question? Would you give your credit card information to a stranger who just called you and was trying to sell you something over the phone? Of course not, and neither would most people.

Most people know that the sale is not made on the first call. Then why would you buy work at home leads and try to make a sale on the first call to a person you never met?

I will show you a system that is set up so you can start generating leads for free. You can have the same system.

Click the video below about “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing”. Your marketing system has to be effective for you to have success. Your products won’t sell themselves, that is a lie.

Instead Of Paying Money For Leads, We Will Teach You How To Get People To Pay You To Prospect Them!

You will be shown how to generate leads with this system “for your business”.

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words from Ann seig youtube 2

An seigs youtube video 7 lies -2Click The Video

The online classes inside the system will provide you with directions on complete lead generation.

Many people spend a small fortune on work from home leads that produce very poor results. Talk to other entrepreneurs who have purchased work from home leads and you will find a common denominator – they wasted their money. BIGTIME!!

Think about this again! If a complete stranger called you on the phone trying to sell you something, would you buy from them?

Of course not! What if 10 other people called you that same day trying to sell you something? That is one of the main reasons buying leads from a lead generation company for your home based business is a complete waste of money and time!

Buying LeadsFor most home business entrepreneurs, throwing your money out of a window will save you money over buying leads from a lead generation company. How long will you continue to throw money out of a window? Not very long!

How long will you continue to buy worthless leads?

Some people continue to buy leads because they hope to find that “heavy hitter”, they think their sticktoitiveness will pay off, they are not quitters, when in fact it will cost them a small fortune. Quite often they keep throwing money out the window.

Working from home should be a pleasant experience but the sad truth for most people who purchase leads is debt, instead of making money from home.

Our online classes will point you in the right direction for getting free leads so you never have to buy leads again.

Google and other search engines is a great place to get free leads. Another great place to get free leads is through social networking sites.

Here is what I did years back using MySpace, when they were the 500 lb Gorilla of social sites. You can use the same method on Facebook or other social sites like Twitter.

I was taking some expensive online marketing classes to train people how to use the social networking sites for leads to build your business.

It became apparent to me that the person teaching the class had many students on his friends list who purchased the same online classes. I started making friends with these students through instant messaging.

I did not try to sell them anything.

Instead I showed them some online classes to learn online marketing to promote their business. Any tip I could give them to help “their business”.

To get to the point – a number of these student joined my home based business opportunity later . These entrepreneurs paid hundreds of dollars to take that same online marketing classes to use MySpace to generate leads as I did.

MySpace seems like a ghost town every time I log into their system now, but the same technique would work on Facebook.

These were excellent leads that could have cost $5.00 to $10.00 each. These leads didn’t cost a dime.

George Dirlam

George Dirlam
(775) 745-1998
Skype number – george.dirlam

MLM Mistake #1 | Walmart MLM Business Model? | Free Classified Ads

Exclusive Home Based Business Leads

 Get Your Exclusive Home Based Business Leads...

To Pay You and to look at your business 100% of the time.​

If you are a work from home entrepreneur, have a home based business, online business, this work from home leads blog post will assist you with exclusive home based business leads and lead generation.

I will be showing you multiple lead generation tools that may assist you with your online marketing.​ Below you will see the word "update" in bold to show the progress of this page.

Take a look at this seo friendly website that is 100% free and I have it set up to the keyword of this blog post. See the keyword in the address bar after the .net

This 100% free web page is on page #1 of the major search engines

I will show you how to configure it and make it search engine friendly so people will find it.  Set it up for a product keyword or business keyword & point it to your website or WordPress.

The picture of the webpage below is on the #1 page of the 3 major search engines for the keyword​ phrase in bold at this post.

I don't want to write the keyword phrase in this blog post as it may hurt the search results of this blog post.

This page will have way better results than your affiliate program or network marketing cookie cutter website.

Exclusive Home Based Business Leads

This free lead generation page can be set up to any keyword for your business.

How To Set -Up This Free Website

Fill In your name & email to get instant access  to learn how to set this page to promote your business.

Start Building Your Email List!!

This is probably the most important thing you can do for online success and future sales - build your own email list.

One problem with an email list is that the open rate is 1/4 of 1%.

Text Messaging will produce better results. 95% open rate 

Text Message Marketing Classes

Text Message has a 95% open rate compared to 1/4 of 1% open rate for email.

This lead generation system is a very good marketing tool and the price is excellent for what you get - Free!

It's turn key list system and a great place to start building a work from home business and also your list. There is no monthly fee for the system and there are plenty of training tools inside the system at no additional charge.

You get to start a business plus you get a lead generation system with an auto responder set-up for you.

Test this lead capture system to see how it works - click play, then fill in the form to receive the messages.

If you want more detailed information about this above site,

Go to - to learn more about the above capture pages, training, tools and information.

This Lead Generation & Free Online Marketing  System Can Benefit You!!

This next lead generation site I am going to show you is 100% free with no upgrade fees. It is a lead generation site and will capture leads for you when someone signs up into the system.

Update: 2-26-15  

This Ibo free social & seo system now ranks page 1, number 1 on Yahoo & Bing and it's now on page 1 of Google. The keyword  matches the title in this blog which is also on page 1 of Yahoo & Bing and page 2 of Google.

The image below ​is when i first set it up, I reconfigured it for seo purposes after realizing how fast it ranked under my name.

This social site is what I call an excellent "wingman" for your WordPress, website or other blog posts.

When I make a new blog post, I post the new ​link in the IBO wall. I also post in Twitter.

Contact George Dirlam (me) ​for how to set it up for your benefit.

Learn How I Got my Free IBO TOOl Box Website on Page #1 of Google, Yahoo & Bing for the Keyword - exclusive home based business leads

Exclusive home based business leads

I set up this social site / lead generation page to my name originally and it ranked under my name on Google in only 2 days and was on page 1 for George Dirlam. I reconfigured the keyword to exclusive home based business leads.

This free social / seo site makes their money selling ad space and banner ads inside the system and the site gets quite a bit of traffic. For the week ( today is late Wednesday ) 905,088 visitors and the month is only half over.

The site ranks on page 1 of Bing & Yahoo for my name but if you click on it, due to my changing the username, it will not work. The site will show back up soon for the keyword that matches this blog post.

I see great value with this site if I can rank it well under a tough keyword. I have done this in the past with other free websites the have a lot of "seo juice". Note - see updates below.

Go to the "Bing" search engine and type in the keyword "Lead Generation Programs" and you will find a now defuked site that I did this seo test on before still on page 1.

Same results for Yahoo doing this in the past. Page 1 for lead generation programs. I believe I can do it with the IBO Tool Box site, but only time will tell. I have done this on Google also.

Sign up here for your free site - Click Here

​Here is a photo of the social page you will configure. This picture is when the site was set up with my name as the username, I have since changed it and I am in the process of trying to get it on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the same keyword pertaining to this page. Update: On pg 1 of Google, Yahoo & Bing now.

Exclusive home based business leads

After joining this site, configure your profile page and get some content on the page. There is a bunch of ways to get free credits on this site, which you can use to advertise your business, products or blog inside the system.

Update 9-28-14  After testing this site for the keyword that matches this page, I have learned today that the title tag is generated by your first name and last name in the first 2 boxes when your create a new account. I don't think I can change the name in the "edit profile" section as I have tried and it just reverts back to my first and last name which I originally signed up under.

I will try signing up with another account and try to rank another keyword​. I will keep you posted on my progress and I will find another keyword to use.

I did get a new lead into the system and got free credits when that person signed up into this free system and I also got additional 200 credits when that lead got a star by their name. The star can be generated from posting a comment on the wall and other ways.

The people who sign into this system seem to be very open to connecting with you on your social sites like Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and your fan page.

Update: 10-2-14 This page now ranks very well on Google for the keyword pertaining to this post. I now see it on page two of Google after about 2 weeks. i cant remember exactly when I started this page, but it wasn't that long ago from the time of this update.

​The above site is a good tool but I could not change the title tag after signing up.  I set up a second site for the keyword  - Best Instant Coffee for another keyword test. After two days the website  was on page 11 of Google. This is ok for only two days as "Best Instant Coffee" is a tough keyword. Get a site here - Best Instant Coffee

Update 11-12-14: The second site I set up using the keyword "Best Instant Coffee" is now showing up on Yahoo​ (page 5) and Bing (page 4) for a very tough keyword - "Best Instant Coffee".  I recommend you use an easier keyword.  This keyword took  longer to show up as it is a tougher keyword with very high competition.

It is very possible to rank a free social site like IBO Toolbox on page 1 of the search engines.  I am finding that I can rank my own WordPress blogs quickly also. 

I took one of my domains "Learn How To blog" and moved it over to a WordPress blog and added a bunch of new content to the home page and after a little over a month, the site shot to page 1 of Yahoo and Bing, Google takes more time and patience.

Update 1-27-15: Both of the above free social sites seem to be doing very well on the search engines.  The exclusive leads social site is now at the top of Yahoo & Bing and on page 2 of Google for the keyword in the url. I don't want to overuse the words in this post, so just see it in the link.

The second site is on page 3 of Bing & Yahoo and pg 5 or 6 of Google. The keyword competition for coffee is apparently tougher. If I build a webpage or blog post  ​this would be an excellent place to post that link from.

The site you on on now is ranking very well also. Page 1 of Yahoo and Bing and page 2 of Google.​

Network Marketing Lead Generation

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