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Lead generation software and other tools & methods for generating leads online.

Facebook is one of the best places to generate leads.

Here is a ready to use squeeze page about how to set up a facebook fan page.

Pick a username and sign up at no cost to become an affiliate and you can use the squeeze page to generate leads and some commissions.​

Leads generation online

All Images in the WordPress Blog are Clickable!

Everyone is on Facebook, it makes sense to show people how to set up a fan page.

Mobile Marketing is HUGH​!!!!!

​More people have a cell phone than own a toothbrush! I guess some people use their cell phone to brush their teeth also.

7 billion people on earth, ​5.1 billion have a cell phone.

Mobile Marketing Software

​Watch the brief video to learn more about lead generation and the mobile marketing benefits for your business.

Work From Home lead

Free Marketing Tool That Will Generate Leads!!

To the right you will see my first free digital card and below is the second card I recently set up.

I set up my second free digital business card to the keyword work from home lead, to match this page and do a seo test on the card.

I am testing out this card for search engine optimization because the first card I set up showed up  very quickly on the search engines for my name.

Everyone with a "Business" needs a business card! This card is free and better than most paid for business cards.​

As a printer by trade, I have seen and printed many different business cards. These cards really impress me.

Take a look at this free marketing tool. It's like having an "alive" business card. 

The circles on the card below are clickable and bring up your information.  I put my websites, WordPress and social sites on my tabs.

I made the below digital business card image clickable so you can try it out.​

Work From Home Lead

George Dirlam's work from home lead free digital business card. Get Yours!!

I am testing this second to see how it does on the search engines for the keyword at the top of the card.

The first one I set up can be seen to the right with the sunset and Eagle.

The card doesn't need a domain name and doesn't cost anything.

​The little circle icons bring up your info from your cell phone.

Saavy card gives you a QR code for your phone to put on your websites, blogs or other marketing materials you may have.

This card will make a nice lead generation tool for work from home business owners and anyone else who has a business.

work from home lead

Generate leads with this free digital business card.

Connect with George Dirlam on Facebook

I made the image clickable but if you have the app installed, give it a try.

Try out this QR code if you have the app installed.

I just tried out the code as I am making this WordPress blog post and everything worked very well.

I clicked on the "more" tab and was able to save an icon to my phone. When I click the icon the business card quickly comes up for me to capture leads, send a text message about my business.

If you are talking to someone about "your business" just text them your card and have them look at your website link on the card.

The perfect way to promote your current home based business.

Keyword research seo tool

Finding Good Keywords Simplified!

How did I find the keyword  - keyword research seo tool?

With the research tool this blog post is about.​

When writing a blog post in WordPress, Blogger or making a new webpage or website...start with your keywords.

Test it out for 30 days at no charge​

That's what I did!

Yes I like using this tool for finding my keywords.

Some keyword tools charge you a high monthly fee, not this keyword tool.

How Can You Profit? By finding good words related to your business or product.

  • Get a few people using this research tool, and you will profit.
  • Make some sales online and you will profit

​I was promoting an anti inflammation product in the past with a work from home opportunity and made a bunch of pages about that product.

My first sale came from getting on page 1 of Yahoo for a vitamin that goes under your tongue.​

Then I made another webpage. As I was getting more sales, I started making pages on their top selling product.

More sales came in, sometimes I would generate  couple of hundred of dollars per week from these sales.

This was from a website I made working part-time from my home.​ Finding the words that are profitable to your business can easily pay for this very affordable marketing tool.

Start your 30 day trial offer and take advantage of the free online classes inside the system. ​ 

keyword research seo tool

Click the above image to take it for a 30 day trial or go here - make profit