How To Work From Home Part Time

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Jul 07

How To Work From Home Part Time

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How To Work From Home Part Time

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Opportunity #1  - Health & Wellness

George Dirlam - Member @ "Like Minded Entrepreneurs"

George Dirlam

Please review my work from home with no fees opportunity which may provide you with an additional source of extra weekly income. Click Here

This business opportunity has no overhead, no sign up fees and no monthly costs. It's a great opportunity to supplement your income. This opportunity will not burden you with monthly fees and there are no purchase requirements to earn your commissions. 

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George Dirlam - (775) 391-0263                                                                                                         Skype - george.dirlam                                                                                                                 

Opportunity #2 - Vacations & Travel

Diana Caswell - Member @ "Like Minded Entrepreneurs"

Diana Caswell

Travel -  Whether you are looking at your next vacation, business trip, family reunion or girlfriend get-away I can help. Cruises are a great fundraising idea for your non-profit. Let me help you design the perfect trip.

Business opportunity - Do you love to travel? Are you looking for a home based business? The travel industry is a great choice. You can earn commissions on the travel you book. Travel privileges. Everyone travels and now you can get a piece of the pie!

Copy Diana's url and paste it into a browser to learn more about her vacations & travel.

Business Opportunity #3 - Apps

Alicia Tolbert - Member @ "Like Minded Entrepreneurs"

Alicia Tolbert

Click Here to contact Alicia about this business opportunity.

Sign up for FREE !!!!United Games Marketing is coming out with a new interactive app that's going to allow people to play live with their favorite team. They already have licensing agreements with the NFL, NBA, MBA and, rugby, cricket (!) NASCAR... Fortune 500 companies are on board because they're going to be able to place ads... so McDonald's, Walmart, Geico, Amazon, Starbucks...are also all going to be a part of this.You can get paid the more people you share with and that play the app. You will get paid on all the people you sign up.... PLUS down 9 levels. The more people that play, the more you can make! Players will be able to actually make calls, and interact live like a coach would ! When you call the play correctly, you win even more.


The potential here is huge. Angry Birds did$4 mil a day in revenue. Candy Crush was close too..the money in gaming apps is absolutely crazy.So for now we are just sharing and adding our interested people to our FB group. Updates, marketing materials etc found there. Then if you join, you add your own new people to the group. Please email me at and Put in the Subject INVITE.....please send the email address or cell phone you want Your Personal Invitation sent too. Please tell me if you want the invite for the business or the invite to Play FREE!! Thanks!

Business Opportunity #4 - Shopping

Ukari Obene- Member @ "Like Minded Entrepreneurs"

Have you been struggling with failed economy? Are you tied of working from 9am to 5pm with nothing to show for it? Are you unemployed,under-employed or retrenched? Cheer up,because there's good news for you.You can now invest just $30 in WIZ and work to accumulate $18,000 with loads of gadgets like iphone, Samsung Galaxy phone ,tablets, ipad, laptops and perfume shipped to you FREE!

You need to watch this video and register immediately to get you started. Video Presentation: Register at and turn your $30 into $18,000 with loads of gadgets shipped FREE to youYou can call +2347035852735 for more information

Click Here - Shopping business ​

Business  #5 - Free Classified Ads

Post your free classified ads

Where to post free classified ads - Member @ "Like Minded Entrepreneurs"

If you work from home you may need somewhere to post classified ads. At it is easy to post a free ad, or post a free classified ad. After you post your ad, you will be able to see it easily. It’s not hidden somewhere hard to find.

You can also manage all your ads right from your personal dashboard. Inside your dashboard, you have many features to choose from.

Where to post free classified ads

You can mark your ad sold once it sells, you can see how many views your ad has received, you can renew your ad, or you can bump your ad back to the top every 24 hours, if you like. If your good at SEO, or just want to know how many words you have in your ad, SeeMePost has a convenient word counter tool in the bottom menu bar that is available to use. The best part of it all is that you can do it all for free.

Business #6 - Videos, Movies, TV

Contact Jean Withers -

Ten Hours Weekly is hiring as many as they can too: WATCH NEW MOVIES ANDTVs Shows for 2 Hours a day $250 weekly and have others to join under you for extra funds --- They are still in the launching stages.In under 30 days should be live my understanding --- So just go register under MY Link

This business post added on 8-8-16

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