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Feb 18
Work from home keywords

 Work From Home Keywords Simplified!

How can you find good work from home and work from home leads keywords?

With the keyword seo research tool this blog post is about.​

When writing a blog post in WordPress, Blogger or making a new webpage or website...start with your keywords.

Get Leads & Customers Online

That's what I did!

Yes I like using this tool for finding my keywords.

Some keyword tools charge you a high monthly fee, not this keyword tool. 

How Can You Profit? By finding good words related to your business or product.

  • Get a few people using this research tool, and you will profit.
  • Make some sales online and you will profit

​I was promoting an anti inflammation product in the past with a work from home opportunity and made a bunch of pages about that product.

My first sale came from getting on page 1 of Yahoo for a vitamin that goes under your tongue.​

Then I made another webpage. As I was getting more sales, I started making pages on their top selling product.

More sales came in, sometimes I would generate  couple of hundred of dollars per week from these sales.

This was from a website I made working part-time from my home.​ Finding the words that are profitable to your business can easily pay for this very affordable marketing tool.

Start your 30 day trial offer and take advantage of the free online classes inside the system. ​